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The Lands of Farahn Ghal have been filled with peace for the most part over the last hundred years. These lands have been ruled for generations by humans with the aid of their fellow races; From the Great Halls of the Humans capital city Farahnska, where politicians ply their social arts, to the Elven palaces of Serria, where mages dual, content and happiness can be found in its citizens. Even in the tribal homes of the elemental warriors the Jotan and the wandering packs of the animalistic Wyld, there are those who are at peace with the Kingdom.


Still, peace can not last forever; in the dark caverns of the weavers, their seers predict an end to peace. The dwarves hammer away at chain and steel to get the armies ready. The Skybourne pull from their records prophecy from long ago that speaks of a coming darkness.



Farahn Ghal




The Shadow Kingdoms